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Your book design journey

About us.

We love book design.
We have experience (lots!), covers, interiors, full book make-up, we’ve done it all.

Every brief is a blank canvas, a chance to create something unique and wonderful.

Our fee structure is clear and budgets are set, there are no extra costs.

We are responsive and always happy to talk, call us anytime.
Your design project is in creative, proven, safe hands.


Who are the audience?
Who are your competitors?
What are the objectives?
Understanding this is crucial.
Now we can get started!

Design options

The exciting part, when at least 3 design options are presented. We ensure you have a variety of approaches.
We want to surprise and delight you.
We hold our breath!

  • Concept examination and sketching before we go
    near a computer.

  • Image and typographic research.

  • The exploration of different design approaches.

  • We seek those ‘lightbulb’ moments, chase them down and refine them.


Refinements to the design?
No problem, we expect changes and you can make as many as you need.

Sign off!

It may have taken weeks or months.
But it was worth it.  
Something fantastic is about to take flight.
Did someone say Champagne?

Bonus Features

Cover JPEG’s
Web friendly PDF’s
3D cover renderings
Application files for archive
No problem, these are all included.

Not exciting, but vital.
We make beautiful (yes!) production PDF’s.
Correct bleed, crop, colour profiles and embedded fonts.
All perfect so your printer is happy.
(Never underestimate the importance of a happy printer.)

The journey is complete

Now we all wait for those printed copies to arrive.
That unique sensation of fresh ink on paper, and a new publication is launched.
It’s an adventure, and we love being part of it.

10% discount
on all cover designs
commissioned before
1st October 2016.
The complete cover design package from €690*

Concept development

Cover options

Amendments to preferred design

Production of print ready artwork

Cover JPEG's, web friendly PDF's, 3D cover renderings, application files.

Set budget, no hidden costs.

We would like to be part of your publication's journey.
We also design brochures, catalogues, posters, POS and more, just in case you need those too.
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Exhibition Catalogue
Childrens full book design
Full book design
Full book design
Book cover
Book cover
Cookbook cover
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
2nd Level book cover
2nd Level book cover
2nd Level book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover
Fiction book cover
Book cover
Full book design
Book cover
Book cover
Book cover

Slick Fish Design  |  Mine Hill Business Centre  |  Mine Hill Lane  |  Kilternan  |  Dublin 18  |  T: 01 239 0033 

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